Pin2win Camp Announcement

                   Gene Mills Pin2win Wrestling Camps at Camp Maple Lake have come to an end.

The camp was started in 1960 by Russ Houk and his family. I started teaching there as the Russ Houk Wrestling Camps the summer of 1979. In 1988 Russ passed and I continued teaching there for their family for 2 more years before leasing the camp for 2-4 weeks per summer.

In 1990, I started calling it the Gene Mills Pin2win Wrestling Camps till Covid hit in the summer of 2020. After teaching on the mountain for 41 years, Covid prevented us from hosting what I thought was the BEST and MOST fun wrestling camp in the country. The owners will now be renting the cabins as vacation getaway cabins.

Camp Maple Lake was unbelievable piece of history as it was the US Olympic Training Center for wrestling prior to Colorado Springs OTC being built. The Houk then Beinlich family provided staff to host these great camps for all sports for 61 years. Camps were a huge undertaking for both their families and ours. I can’t begin to thank both families and staffs for the great opportunities to inspire others. It was the highlight of my summer every year.

Great people

, Great families, Great times, but all great things come to an end some time. There will no longer be any sports camps at Camp Maple Lake. But the history and memories will live forever.

As far as me teaching, I will travel from camp to camp throughout the US all summer.

I will do my best to keep people posted on on where I will be teaching and appearing.

I want to sincerely thank everyone who has come to the Gene Mills Pin2win Wrestling Camps over the years.

From myself

, my family, staff and campers, it will be proud and fond memories forever.

Thank you Camp Maple Lake!

Contact Coach Mills at or text at 315 569-2746 to book camps or clinics near you.